About Us

Twilka was born in the beautiful city of Bonn, Germany in the year of 2019. We want to bring people together by providing an effective and easy-to-use app that enables people to express feelings, share emotions or status, and interact with each other.

Who is Twilka?

Our website is a location-based social network where people can anonymously share their feelings and their current status with other people around by simply choosing a corresponding animated emoji. Twilka also allows people to interact upon what they shared by sending a meaningful image (aka “interaction”). Twilka has a simple, intuitive, and elegant interface which allows the user to surf our features in a couple of clicks!

Why Twilka?

Our website is the perfect friend for curious people who want to know more about their surroundings. Actually, Twilka is eager to be everybody’s all-time friend. For example, It can be your morning buddy. You wake up in the morning with a good mood and simply want to know how the people around you feel! All you need to do is just “one” click and Twilka will tell you! Furthermore, you can interact with others. It’s just like as if your city is talking to you!

Whatever you share, wherever you are, you are completely anonymous. That means, people will know that “you” (for example) feel in love but will never know who you are!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]