What is Twilka about?

- Twilka is a geolocation based social network where people can anonymously share their feelings or status, and interact with other people around.

Do I need to login to use Twilka?

- Yes and No. You can view what other people around you have shared without the need to register. But, if you want to share something or make interactions, you will need to login.

How can I use Twilka?

- We provide three main features: share, discover, and get interactions.

- To interact with someone simply click on the shown emoji and choose an interaction.

Do you publish any personal information?

- No. Twilka allows you to share your feelings/status without exposing any personal information; you are completely anonymous! Moreover, your shared feelings/status will be automatically removed after 36 hours.

Is there a mobile app?

- Yes. You can download our mobile app for Android devices under: